About me


1998 Natural Science Diploma

1999-2004 Bachelor: Theater, Institut Soureh, Tehran, Iran

2006-2008 Master: Film, University of Cinema and Theater, Tehran, Iran (without Thesis)

2007 Diploma: Filmworkshop of Abbas Kiarostami, Tehran, Iran

2008 - 2013 Master: Science of Theater, Movie and Media, University of Vienna, Austria

2013-2018 Phd: Philosophy (Media), University of Vienna, Austria

Related Employment History

2008-2009 Office Managment: Payam Nour University, Vienna Office

2002-2008 Graphic Deigner: Sorena Graphic Studio, Tehran, Iran

2003-2005 Assistant Director: Channel 5, IRIB (Iran Broadcasting)

2006 Contributing Editor: Third Mime Festival, Boushehr, Iran

2006-2007 Le Pont (Magazine): Working as Designer

2000- Voice-over Artist: Tehran, Berlin, Vienna

2011- Translating (German to Farsi): Roman and Article

Academic and Informal Research:

Meaning of Politic: a research in Greenaway’s six Movies

Censorship and Metaphor: representation of erotic Scenes (Pending)

Seven films - seven Psychoanalytic Criticism (Pending)

Missing women: Persona - Jules et Jim – La Aventura

Iranian Theater in Exil

The Little Prince: Metaphor Analysis (Pending)

Hidden Queer Symbols: Pet Shop Boys (Videos)

Media and Mind Control

Mortality: Seventh Seal and Old Boy

Film, Video & Theater

2000 Reverie of silence (Short Film) Director

2001 When you were asleep (Short Film) Director

2002 Dread of presence (Short Film) Screenplay, Director

2002 Kingdome Come (Theater) Director, Stage Designer

2003 Shadow of winter (Short Film) Director

2004 Amadeus (Theater) Director, Stage Designer

2005 S like... (Short Film) Screenplay, Director

2006 Memento (Short Film) Director, Photography,

2006 My bad Dream (Short Film) Screenplay, Director

2007 The Trench (Short Film) Screenplay, Director

2009 M12 Station (Short Film) Director, Editor

2010 Morph (Short Film) Director, Editor

2011 A Man who... (Short Film)Screenplay, Director, Editor

2014 Choub (Band, EPK) Director, Editor

2014 The Killing (Short Film)Screenplay, Director, Editor

2014 No Surrender (Hoda Mohajerani and the Band) (Musicvideo) Editor

2015 Sina, an Important story about me (Feature) Director, Editor, Screenplay

2015 Hanna(Short Film) Director, Editor, Screenplay

2016 The photographer, his lover, his sister and her lover (Short Film) Director, Editor, Screenplay

2017 The man who laughs Director, Editor, Screenplay Film, Video & Theater

2001 Don’t call me again, Mommy... (Theater) (Director: Aysun Nowroozi) Voice effects

2003 Error 691 (Theater) (Director: Saeed Behnam) Regie Assistant

2003 Antigon (Theater) (Director: Shahrzad Akbari) Light Designer

2004 Familly Haouse (Stage Reading) Director, Dramaturgy

2004 Picknik on the Battelfield (Theater) (Director: Elaheh Kaviani) Light Designer

2005 Talk to me (Theater) (Direrctor:Katayoun Yanaghi) Regie Assistant,

2005 The King of Stone City (Theater) (Director: Mohammad Naderi) Light Designer

2005 The night before Exam (Theater) (Director: Roohi Sedighi) Light Designer

2005 In Swamp (Theater) (Director: Siavash Talebian) Light Designer

2005 Stone age (Theater) (Director: Bamdad Davoodi) Light Designer

2005 Now we decide (Theater) (Director: Siavash Talebian) Light Designer

2005 The End of the World (Theater) (Director: Chakameh Marandi) Light Designer

2006 Enemies (Stage Reading)Director, Dramaturgy

2006 Kingdome Come (Stage Reading) Director, Dramaturgy

2006 Naked Bodies (Theater) (Director: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh) Light Designer

2006 Exhibition:Private Life (Theater) (Director: Roodabeh Shahpar) Light Designer

2006 Le Médecin malgré lui (Theater) (Director: Maral Mizan) Light Designer

2006 Doll’s House (Theater) (Director: Sanaz Bayan) Light Designer

2006 Taxi (Short Film) (Director: Kamran Motamedi) Regie Assistant

2006 Blowing in the Wind (Short Film) (Director: Kamran Motamedi) Regie Assistant

2007 Moshaveran Amouzesh ( Television Advertisment) Director

2012 Antonio Vivaldi- Concerto in G minor for two Cellos and Piano (Musicvideo) Director